Founded in 1975 by David Wheeler and Dennis Cronin, ATA Architects has delivered quality architectural services to an array of public and private clients throughout the region. Over that period, they developed an impressive list of clients securing its place as one of Cincinnati's most venerable design firms. In 2003, ATA Architects reorganized into ATA Beilharz Architects, LLC with the addition of Kraig Beilharz and John Kennedy as new managing partners.

Creating the Future by Design

Building creates the future. The process of designing and building is an extraordinary event in the experience of a person, a school, a company, or a community. It entails the orchestrated confluence of significant human, financial, and material resources. When completed, buildings become part of their locality's fabric, impacting users, the community and the environment, for many years.

We're not perfect. We're also not the biggest, the fastest, nor the cheapest. These are not the reasons why our clients have called us...

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